There Was a March in Honour of the Foundation of the SS Halychyna in Kiev

Nazis in Kiev have staged a commemoration of the founding of the SS Halychyna, a volunteer force of the Waffen SS, the 14th Brigadier Division recruited from the inhabitants of the Distrikt Galizien, that is Western Ukraine, in 1943. It was a collaborationist force used mostly to fight anti-Nazi partisans across East-Central Europe. Kiev has not seen any marches commemorating this unit of Waffen SS but it has been the scene of commemoration of another West Ukrainian nationalist icon, Stepan Bandera for many years.

The march has created a lot of controversy, and was condemned not only by the usual adherents of the Soviet Ukrainian narrative but also by people that generally make apologetics for Ukrainian nationalists, such as the historian, Volodymyr Vyatrovych. The attendance was rather low:

But knowing how this works, this is but testing the waters. Prepare for a show of force next time…

Number of dodgy characters have joined the march…

This one is sieg heiling…

Cossack larpers remind me of the Italian fashioner designer, Franco Moschino for some reason…

The neonazi leader Evhen Karas’ made these curios invitations…

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