They Have Seen Diablo and Mordor

Alyona Yakhno – Ukrainian journalist

This is exactly how the main church of Mordor (the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces) looks like. An appropriate colour expression. And if you add the Ball of Woland as a soundtrack, the harmony would be perfect.

El Murid – Anatoly Nesmiyan, a Russian blogger, who writes about geopolitical issues but often writes complete nonsense

At first I thought those are screenshots of the interiors in the Diablo game. But no, it has proved to be completely normal. This is the celebration of Eastern in the main temple of Shoigu (Russia’s defence minister). This military cult gathering place should look precisely like this on this celebration of light.


I don’t know what beef El Murid has with the Russian military, and quite frankly do not want to know. However, I have been to many dark churches in my life, across the Orthodox World. In the Holy Land, in Georgia, in Constantinople, and in Russia as well, and I wonder how they celebrate the Easter there?

Ivan Yakovina – Ukrainian blogger, who is just as full of shit as Mr. El Murid Nesmiyan.

Vladimir Putin celebrates Eastern in the main church of the Russian military, where Hitler’s hat is being kept. (yes, the place also includes a museum) The second picture is the opening of the portal in the game Diablo. Find 10 differences. Everyone laughed at Shaman Gabyshev but he was proven right.


Yes, portal to hell and schizophrenic Gabyshev will lead to peremoha for Ukraine. However, the reality of the church is likely much less mordoresque than cheap Ukrainian propagandists and other assorted idiots would have you believe…

This dear readers is how many Russophobic memes are being created. Recently I came across many Ukrainian accounts trying to give off a Bulgarian Romani ghetto as a reality of life in Russia. Mind you, you are wasting your life if you are getting information from any such sources…

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