Ukrainians are Moving to Russia in Droves

Despite incessant propaganda in Ukrainian media saying Russia is shit, many Ukrainians seem to feel differently…

A Ukrainian friend of mine that I used to drink with here in the Czech Republic, who worked in the logging industry, (I live in a village and I used to drink with lumberjacks) is now in Kamchatka doing the same. I remember the dude for refusing to speak to me in Ukrainian. I was about to practice my spoken Ukrainian with him and he told me he does not agree with the politics associated with the Ukrainian language.

640,000 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship last year according to the Ministry of Interior of Russia. 62% of all passports distributed.

7 thoughts on “Ukrainians are Moving to Russia in Droves

  1. What’s incredible is the majority of new citizenship are outside of LNR and DNR. A similar pattern was repeated in 2019.

    Imagine how much higher it would be if direct flights or train journeys were allowed between Russia and Ukraine, the banning of which the Bandera government implemented?

    Ukraine’s natural population loss was also massive. Taking that figure in excess of 330000 in addition to those who became Russian citizens leaves the net effect that Ukraine has lost 1 million people in a year. Striking

    N.B. Following on from the piece about Apple Play downloads all being tunes in the Russian language, I would advise you to look at Google trends for Ukraine. As ever, Russian celebrities, Russian events and Russian words dominate.


    1. I am a Czech, who is personally not very invested in popular culture. I barely know the Czech stars and let alone Russian or Ukrainian. I think my research so far only shows that the Ukrainian government is only going against nature when they rail against the Russian language. Ukraine is not a nice place to live in, and I am not surprised the people leave left and right.


      1. 500000 Ukrainians became Russian citizens in 2019, 200000 of these people were from DNR or LNR.
        280000 became Russian in 2018. I wouldn’t think there is much precedence of this occurring anywhere else around the globe.

        Perhaps Putin’s policy of being relatively weak in his public commentary about the many sins of the US-poodle Ukrainian state is being vindicated.Ukrainians quietly move in big numbers to Russia, the Ukrainian state suffers because of this and simultaneously Russia alleviates its demographic problem as Ukraine exacerbates theirs.


      2. The Ukrainians and other Slavs are actually a key to Russia’s demographic salvation. Russia should welcome others that flee wokeism, and neoliberalism.


  2. The smart ones head to Russia, while the dumb ass ones head to either US, or maybe UK, Netherland…etc and bring their shady, borderline mafia style of “doing business” with them – if you live in US and you see Ukrainians start doing their sometimes illegal construction and home remodeling in your neighborhood, run for your life! However, this also brings up another phenomenon; the immigrants in US and EU tends to over-compensate their negative cultural practice to the level that it makes the immigrants look retarded. Shit even Chinese here too to be honest! And it seems that only those with strong will or strong intuition can avoid being turned into such vile creatures.


    1. If it was easy to move to the US for Ukrainians, i.e. no visa, cheap plane tickets, Slavic linguistic space, there would be nobody left in Ukraine.

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      1. My point is that the smart and honest ones like that friend of yours tend to move to Russia and remain uncorrupted. The greedy dumb asses would love to move to US, and even for the more sensible and matured ones, US especially US cities tend to turn them into greendy dumb asses.


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