Sberbank and Blacklist South Front After US Sanctions

Not that I read the South Front often but given US sanctions against some Russian news outlets made me more interested in them. Banned information is welcome on this blog…

But what I read made me certain Sberbank is evil, and I actually now know the reason why I feel revulsion at seeing their commercial here in the Czech Republic. There are more Sberbanks in the Czech Republic than in Crimea.

I quote from South Front:

In early May, accounts of SouthFront Team registered on Russian state-funded donation platforms were blocked. This hostile act was undertaken by subsidiaries of Group. The major shareholder in Group is Russia’s state-owned bank Sberbank (Sberbank of Russia). This banking and financial services company is the largest one in Russia.

Russia is under attack, and the sooner Russia deals with the likes of Sberbank, the better for Russia. As for Sberbank in the Czech Republic, I really hope they are met with the basic Russophobia of the locals, and will close shop…

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