Czech Russophobic Forces in Hysteria After President Zeman’s Silence

It would seem, the Czech President, Miloš Zeman has not yet given his stamp of approval to the fanciful conspiracy story about Petrov and Boshirov blowing up munition storages in the Czech Republic. The opposition suspects the president might harbour rational ideas about Russia, and that is unacceptable to them… only rabid Russophobia is acceptable now. This is what I received in mail last night…

MILLION MOMENTS FOR DEMOCRACY – We unite people, who care about democracy

Dear and precious friends

Last week we have seen it all clearly. The president, Miloš Zeman, the government of prime minister Babiš, the Communists and SPD are long leading our country into the arms of Russia. Russian agents commit murder in our country and the president is quiet. No matter what the president says on Sunday, his week long silence is a sign, that he is not fit for his office. Wannabe strong actions of the government cannot hide its complicity in the current situation and long term toxic politics. It is beyond unacceptable!

And the message continues:

WE ARE CALLING A PROTEST. “THE CASTLE (Seat of the Czech president, the Prague Castle) OVERSTEPPED THE LINE. THE REPUBLIC IS IN DANGER.” 29 April, Thursday, the Wenceslaus Square and the entire CZ, at 18:00

This cannot wait. The patience has expired. We have to say no to the assumption of control over the Czech Television by the Castle and its puppets, including Andrej Babiš. We have to say no to government, which has ruined state finance, seized important institutions, and those that do not toe the line are being discredited. We have to be heard and we must do everything for the (Autumn parliamentary) election to bring about change. That the democratic parties may create a government without ANO (the currently ruling party of Andrej Babiš), without the pro-Kremlin communists, without extremists from the SPD and their ilk.

I think my international audience may need an introduction into who the Milion Chvilek are. It is a protest organisation founded by some college dropouts that protests the current government, the president, and the non-woke enough forces in this country. Recently they were concerned about some conservative and pro-government observers being selected into the board of the state TV. Simply put, they want the Czech TV to be a propaganda arm for the “democratic parties”.

What I find interesting is they want to use the Russophobic hysteria to restart their protest activity. This is a final Ukrainization of a local political scene. We will have an anti-Zeman maidan, and a deepening political crisis. You see, so far the secret service came up with a fanciful story, the government acknowledged its veracity but did not call the event an act of state terrorism, the Senate however passed a motion calling it an act of state terrorism, and Zeman is silent until Sunday. Finally some fun in this country.

2 thoughts on “Czech Russophobic Forces in Hysteria After President Zeman’s Silence

  1. Very good insight Leos. I’m sharing it onto my wall. And as for these Milion Chvilek clowns, just like Hong Kong, I think the world can no longer ignore these NGOs and these young ass “democracy” lovers. Then again though, I’m curious about the ones who sponsor them. They won’t be running their mouths for too long if they’re no longer paid.


    1. From what I can gather, they are run by two college drop outs, who found themselves a better activity than doing course work in the Theological Faculty. I personally think the bulk of their financing comes from businessmen that share their views. But in the case of HK, I think foreign funding is also in place. CZ is simply not on high on the list of priorities for the globalists.

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