7 thoughts on “Small Dick Energy

  1. Lol I was talking about it too. Perhaps the Russian embassy got the inspiration from the way how I trolled Jakub Janda.


      1. It has been months. I had him making chili con carne out of an Uighur dick using his own poop as chili sauce. That fucking faggot blocked his own Jiji (one of the way to refer to a man’s penis in Chinese) and his pupuz (poo poos). He didn’t block my Ummut Otkur account though, perhaps out of fear of “showing racism towards Uighurs”. On top of that, I created a Jakub Janda’s boi poosee account but I eventually got bored. Either way this is the pupuz



  2. And at last, his boi poosee. Well he managed to block his own jiji and regained control of his own pupuz (I should’ve used the term dabian as that’s the term for excrement in Chinese…or one of the ways of saying it, but I don’t wanna keep giving that faggot Chinese language class). All in all, his Uighur butt buddy is still around and has remained unblocked, so is his boi poosee



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