Ukrainian Section of RFE/RL Goes Full Soviet With a Caricature of Anatoly Shariy

The RFE/RL was created by the US government as an alternative to the heavily censored media behind the Iron Curtain. Today its journalists cheer the censorship happening to government opponents in one of Murica’s client states…

The RFE/RL accuses Shariy of spreading manipulation and propaganda. That is perhaps true, I don’t know. But for those who know Russian, I recommend this interview. We see the hand of the Kremlin, although Shariy lives as an exile in the EU, namely in Spain. There he does a lot of work trying to bring attention to Nazi infestation of his homeland Ukraine. Ukraine’s secret service, the SBU are trying to accuse him of high treason for his subversive activities. Good luck with that.

Ukraine is a place where television channels are closed down, they are trying to shut Shariy up, and the RFE/RL and the US embassy fully supports this because these channels and Sharij are allegedly “pro-Russian.” Does that mean pro-Russians now have the objectivity ball in their court?

Update: Here is Dan Peleschuk of RFE/RL calling Shariy “toxic propaganda”. You see folks, toxic propaganda is anything critical of the Ukrainian government and any criticism of the Ukrainian government is from Putin.

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