Miners can Move to Poland

This story has it all, it confirms number of theses that I make on this blog, and that is…

  1. America cucks and pwns East European economies.
  2. The relationship Eastern Europe has with America is toxic.
  3. Russophobia leads to poverty and degradation.

The other day, the Acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Yuri Vitrenko held a meeting discussing the Uranium producing mine and factory Vostochny. The company has long been in trouble because Ukraine decided to switch its nuclear powerplants from Russian made fuel to American made fuel. The company Vostochny produces uranium for Russian TVEL nuclear fuel. The Americans don’t need Ukrainian uranium as they have their own sources. There were plans to create a joint venture with the Russians to make nuclear fuel in Ukraine, which would make uranium from Vostochny relevant. Otherwise, the Ukrainian produced uranium is a bit too expensive compared to other sources. But then Maidan came, a festival of Russophobia that led to a civil war, which the Ukrainian officialdom mendaciously call Russian-Ukrainian war, although there isn’t any official declaration of war from Kiev.

And voila, the Vostochny uranium factory is in financial trouble. The workers are not paid and the minister threatens to close the whole thing down because it is not profitable. As to what will happen with the workers, the minister suggested they should move to Poland, where they will find better work conditions and better pay. And he also mentioned that remittances of migrant workers form the bulk of revenue for Ukraine’s economy. Vitrenko also invoked Adam Smith when he said that should there exist cheaper producers elsewhere in the World, Ukrainian producers should make way for them. Only that way, according to him, will Ukraine become rich. The minister was further asked what will happen if everyone leaves? Vitrenko is optimistic that people will always find work and Ukraine will continue producing stuff. He suggested people work in agriculture.

Funnily, I have now trolled Belorussian opposition with the words: “You will pick potatoes!” and the answer always is some bleating about freedom…


4 thoughts on “Miners can Move to Poland

  1. The moral of the story: when a country’s government basically encourage its own citizens to immigrate, that government is doing something wrong. Now the question is, when will Eastern Europe stop fantasizing America?

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