Polarization of American Political Spectrum Grows Ever Deeper With the Development of Mass Media

Below is a graph of approval ratings collected by Gallup. It would seem that the diffusion of television and later social media on the internet only exacerbates the problem.

3 thoughts on “Polarization of American Political Spectrum Grows Ever Deeper With the Development of Mass Media

  1. The way I look at it? It’s really due to how today’s American politicians are just down right horrible people. Not just as politicians, if you read up psychology you’ll know that they’re horrible in day to day life as well. On top of that, the fact that people are not properly raised and educated yet they’re forced to be career driven when there’s no future out there doesn’t help a thing neither. It only arouse their anger even more.


  2. On one hand, you have the prejudicial, close-minded shitlibs, whom I’ve humiliated countless times. Then there are right wing boomers and former Tea Party guys, who’re just sadistic fucks tbh. I could actually talk some sense into the actual far rights (ironically, good numbers of them aren’t from US) and yes they do have a point on things. Real far rights are in fact way more worldly and educated than the crowds I’m talking about. My interaction with some LA boomer who asked me “are you a socialist or are you a capitalist” from 2 days ago almost had me lose whatever hope I once had towards Republicans (not that my opinion towards Democrats has improved though). In the simple minds of boomers and former Tea Party guys, Trump = gift sent by God and symbol of capitalism and Biden = socialism and new Chavez, and Chavez is the Satan’s son (the guy I was talking to literally equate him with Chavez and Castro, go figure).


  3. And the thing that really drives me off from the common right wingers: due to my nationality, they have that “putting sword to your neck to ensure your loyalty” type of attitude towards me. From my perspective, I don’t put up with that attitude. Either we work together or fuck off, and that’s how I do things. I refuse to be the doormat, the condom or the Korean army wife…I’m a fucking dude for fuck sake! Take it out onto bitches at least! And ironically, the worst of them tend to come from states and cities with huge Asian community (all 3 west coast states, NYC…etc). It’s like the more Asian there are, the bigger assholes they will be towards Asians. All in all, if the boomers and former Tea Party guys keep looking at me with suspicion or treating me as some kind of Korean army wife, then I will ditch Republicans. If I do that, I dunno who I gonna align myself with in US politics. I mean libertarians are cool but I don’t think they can win anything, and there’s no way in hell I will align with Greens!


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