Arkadiy Babchenko Quit Ukraine


Read my recent translation of Babchenko’s Facebook rant, which contains a biographical introduction…

The journalist, Evgeniy Kiselev announced that Arkadiy Babchenko departed from Ukraine. This Evgeniy Kiselev said on his tv show and wrote on Facebook.

On Friday, 1 November, the journalist posted on his YouTube channel the first episode of his programme “PonaUekhavshie” (a play on words that I had trouble to conveniently translate) about Russian emigrants in Ukraine. Evgeniy Kiselev wrote about the programme on Facebook and one of the users asked him why wasn’t Arkadiy Babchenko included in the film. To which Kiselev answered that Babchenko has left Ukraine.

He is either in Finland or in Estonia…

-answered Kiselev when the people inquired about Babchenko’s whereabouts.

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