The Czech Republic Sends Tens of Millions (CZK) to Ukrainian NGOs

This article is several months old, and that’s when I began doing the translation, and then I forgot. The information, however still remains fresh… reports:

The Czech government sent 35 million CZK (1,300,000 USD) to Ukrainian NGOs over the last two years. The money is intended to help the country rebuild and aid her democratic transformation.

The money provided by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs was intended for the fight against corruption, or for the defense of human rights in the Eastern regions, outside the control of Ukraine and in Crimea. Around 16 million CZK (700,000 USD), the embassy distributed as part of grant challenges to 19 local non-governmental projects.

“The support for these projects has not only brought concrete outcomes but has helped promote the Czech Republic not just in Ukraine but among other donors.” -says the reports of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which the ministers will receive. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Czech Republic has hereby joined the democratic countries that participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine. For example, Germany, the United States, Canada and Japan.

Support for education

More than a million CZK (44 thousand USD), the Czech Republic has relegated for legal defense of Ukrainian citizens in the Donbass. The Czech Republic gave 500,000 CZK (22 thousand USD) for the creation of a map of human rights abuses in Crimea. The Center for Economic Strategy received 1.3 million CZK (57 thousand USD) for a project called Critical thinking against populism.

Another 19 million CZK (800,000 USD) was offered to Ukraine by the Czech Agency for Development. They were mostly directed towards the reform of education, including the renovation of secondary and tertiary education facilities. Especially those that had to leave the area which is not under the control of Ukraine due to military conflict.

For half of this sum, a reconstruction of buildings and equipment for student dormitories was paid. The aid was received by the Donbass National Academy of Civil Engineering in Kramatorsk and the National University of Taras Shevchenko in Starobilsk. The rest of the funds went to the Lvov State University of the Ministry of Interior.

“The Czech Republic affirms its foreign policy commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by supporting institutions and human rights of people dislocated by the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.” -says the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the report “the Czech Republic used its own experience of transformation.”

Czech Republic’s aid, which began already in 2014, does not end here.  Last year in June, the government approved the continuation of development and transformation activities in that country. In the memorandum, the government expects 20 million CZK (900,000 USD) this year and in the next two years.

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