Russians Hold Hostages vs. Ukrainians Jail Criminals


Julian Röpke is a journalist for the German tabloid BILD, and a big fighter against Russian disinformation. He blocked my current twitter account…

What Julian is referring to is the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine. One of these prisoners was Oleg Sentsov, an activist of the Automaidan in 2013, who was arrested by FSB because he allegedly planned to blow up Soviet monuments in Crimea, so that the “Moskals experience terror!” The EU awarded him a Sakharov Freedom of Thought prize. Western media referred to him as a film director. It is true, Sentsov has one amateurish film that he made, which none of his fans have watched. I bet Julian didn’t watch it either.

We have to thank the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky for making this exchange of prisoners possible. It was something that he worked on over Summer, he personally phoned Vladimir Putin. Oleg Sentsov and the others were a source of cheap propaganda for the previous president, Petro Poroshenko and the dupes at EU have only aided him in this.

I wish all the luck to Oleg Sentsov, and I hope his career as a film director will only flourish from now on…

2 thoughts on “Russians Hold Hostages vs. Ukrainians Jail Criminals

  1. All the Sentsov narratives seem to omit that his handler in Kiev actually explained the whole plan.

    It’s rather mind-boggling to be honest. He made one low-budget film once upon a time, a film that isn’t even good by any stretch of the imagination (more or less akin to a student project for some highschooler or whatever), and hasn’t dabbled in that junk for ages since, yet he’s consistently called a “director”, “filmmaker” and so on. And then, he got involved in a borderline fascist-tainted nationalist “resistance” cell in Crimea, representing like 0.0001% of the Crimean population, and it’s entirely confirmed by all sides that he received orders from people in Ukraine proper to conduct sabotage in Crimea post-annexation, and the means (materials, eg. explosives etc) to do so.

    Yet the western narrative paints him as a brave and outspoken “film director” who was jailed for his views and nothing more. I mean, even if you don’t approve of the Crimean affair and how it turned out, this disingenuity is fu***ng mind-boggling.

    It’s like when Savchenko was a brave “Joan of Arc”-style Ukrainian fighter pilot or whatever, a narrative was peddled everywhere at the time, complete with photoshopped portraits in US congress and the Kiev Rada alike.. Well, a pilot she wasn’t, she was a low-key WO, who got the chance to WO on a Mi-24 gunship (a helicopter, that is) for a little while, something she hadn’t really done before. But pilot sounded better for the heroic character they needed.

    …And of course, when she was released by Moscow, she immediately became useless, so gone was the pilot and gone were all the appointments she had received in absentia (as an MP and so on)… Everything suddenly became rather inconvenient. So, a quick fix was to frame her for some ridiculous plot of some kind and toss her into jail (until they could smoothly deprive her of all influence and bury her in the pit of irrelevance). Once she had been successfully re-nobodied, she was suddenly released… And that despite being initially accused of treason, planning a coup d’etat, whatever – the whole thing was incredibly transparent. And as if on cue all Western commentators simply stopped mentioning her, near-simultaneously.


    1. I have never heard of Savchenko being referred to as a “fighter pilot”, granted I only heard about her from the Russian media. I really wonder how her replacement Sentsov will fare now that he is free. I don’t think there will be an interest in making him into somebody now that they have experience with it but who knows. Maybe we will hear about the film director Sentsov, who made an outstanding contribution to Ukrainian cinema.


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