Putler on Ukrainian Identity and Russo-Ukrainian Integration

I watched this Russian report on Oliver Stone’s new movie about Ukraine, “Ukraine: the Untold Story”. It contains a segment in which Putin explains his position on Ukrainian identity and his vision for the integration of the two countries…

I translate:

“I actually think, [the Ukrainians and Russians] are a single people, with a common history,  religion, there are many connections between the people, that is [even] familial connections. Meanwhile, if a significant part of the people in Ukraine consider they need to underscore their identity, fight for this, nobody in Russia has anything against this. Neither am I against it. We are simply saying that because we have a lot in common, we can use it as our competitive edge, provided there are particular integration processes.”

Oliver Stone’s film was supposed to have been aired in Ukraine on the 112 TV channel. The building of the TV station was shot at from a mortar recently, and the airing pulled from the broadcast.

3 thoughts on “Putler on Ukrainian Identity and Russo-Ukrainian Integration

  1. I’m surprised that you haven’t been able to yet figure out that Ukrainians are about as interested in Putler’s ideas as much as everyone else in the blogosphere is interested in your blog site? BTW, who’s this guy “pingback”? He seems to be the only guy who ever makes any comments here, about once every 10 threads? No need to tell me how popular you are within ‘tweetland” 🙂


    1. Ukraine is a fast depopulating country with an internal armed conflict, neonazi gangs, shit economy, overall degradation. Putin is not interested in those Ukrainians that think this is normal.

      By the way, you are interested in my blog, you are not the only reader.


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