“Russia Should have the same Kind of Government as Ukraine…”

First off…

I support the registration of Russian liberal opposition candidates for the municipal election, and don’t believe they were unable to gather the signatures needed. Furthermore, I believe that the powers that be are turning the municipal elections into a farce, when United Russia candidates are campaigning as independents now.

TV Dozhd’ has encountered this individual in the crowds of Moscow protesters…

His name is Maxim Myroshnichenko

In the video segment below he say’s Russia deserves a government like in Ukraine…

I wish Vologymyr Zelensky good luck in his fight against corrupt officials in Ukraine but the man has just gotten started. This Myroshnichenko clearly prefers Moscow to Ukraine, so whose government is doing what right?

When it comes to registering parties for elections in Ukraine, the party of Anatoly Shariy was taken down from the electoral race after being registered. So Ukraine in this respect does not seem any better than Russia.

2 thoughts on ““Russia Should have the same Kind of Government as Ukraine…”

  1. They used dead people in their list of signatures – this is entirely correct decision by the authorities.
    Actually, numerous opposition candidates were allowed to participate – and don’t forget the cringe-worthy attempt at “hunger strike”
    The authorities should absolutely stand their ground on this one.
    BTW Sobyanin is undeniably popular as Mayor – I don’t even think most of these cretins, policy-wise, even disagree with him


    1. Do you think the opposition figurek have deliberately spoiled their applications so they could protest over rejection?


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