Everybody is Sieg Heiling

Dear readers, I can’t believe my ears…

I was watching a video of Anatoly Shariy, (posted below this article, it has German subtitles, suggesting Shariy wants the German speakers to watch it) which features a phone monologue of a female journalist from ATR (a Ukrainian government funded Crimean Tarar television), Viktoria Ablyazova complaining about a video being leaked to Shariy. That video in question shows Ablyazova being offered a birthday cake with candles arranged into a swastika, the gentleman offering her this cake throws a Roman salute. I translate her takes from the phone monologue:

It’s OK (that is throwing sieg heils) for all Kievites of my generation. Not for your generation but for my generation, it is OK to all. Because it does not have the meaning that you put into it. (really, I have heard something like this before). You look at the volunteers of the ATO (military operation in the East) from the “Right Sector”, they are all sieg heiling.

For my generation, who have served in the “Azov”, it’s the norm. It’s OK, I have plenty of friends, even from Lugansk and Donetsk, ultras, and for them it is OK, they will watch it and laugh, they will say: “What a cool video!”

Yes, if you send it to Russian media they could blow it out of proportion. You think that’s a serious video? A boy … giving his girl a cake, he talks complete bollocks, you can see that he is drunk…

You are not a journalist, you are working for vata (pro-Russian forces), you pervert everything, if those are your friends. such as Shariy, who links to Russian media, which tell about nazis here, I can only hold bad opinions about you…

I will call my superiors and will talk about this situation because it’s fucked up…

You will likely cause me to stop working in the media, with your Anatoly Shariy, don’t send him the original video, please be humane.

Listen, you are engaging in a Hybrid War, I don’t know what else to call it, and you it turns out work for Russian secret services. I will call my friend, who works in the Police, and will ask him what to do now, when you are doing this…

Don’t doubt this! Because you want to bring shame on our TV station, or our country. The TV station is not threatened.

You are a small man, with bad acquaintances, that stir shit everywhere, like Shariy. Why doesn’t he show the country that attacked us…

You say you don’t see money but you are ready to send a video to some idiot.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 16.25.14.png

Have you never seen a VK page of an “Azovite”, they consider this normal, they consider it a greeting, they consider it as a joke. They did it before all the events, Maidan etc…

Anyway here is the original video:

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