Ukrnazis Oppose a Film

The Ukrainian embassy literally wants American cinemas to ban a film about Soviet soldiers using a tank to escape German captivity…

Screenshot 2019-02-22 at 11.28.58.png

Jeez I really wonder what is it about this film? Under normal circumstances I would not pay any attention to Russian Great Patriotic War films, there are way too many in my opinion. But now I can’t help myself, I must see this film now. Matter of fact, I would have never heard of this film if it wasn’t for the Ukrainian embassy campaign.

The initiative however did not come from the Ukrainian embassy but a Belorussian immigrant, who has made a habit of opposing Russian cultural products:

Smelansky, a software engineer who emigrated from Belarus in 1999 and is an opponent of Putin’s government, fired off an e-mail to the owner of the cinema.

“As a longtime Boston resident and neighbor of your cinema,” Smelansky wrote in the e-mail shared with RFE/RL, “I would love the chance to dissuade you from allowing the screening of this film — or at least to convince you to have an open public discussion of this film’s propagandistic purpose, not only to preserve the reputation of your theater but also the reputation of Boston as a cultural hub.”

What appears to irk the opponents of the film is simply the fact that it shows people fighting Nazis.

One thought on “Ukrnazis Oppose a Film

  1. “What appears to irk the opponents of the film is simply the fact that it shows people fighting Nazis….”
    Yup. A new generation of Americans is being groomed to believe that the Nazis were actually the good guys!


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