The Point by Point Benefits of the EU

So I found this infographic which suggests that being a member of a club which costs €300,-  in exchange for phoney benefits is a good thing…

You know what, I know better what to do with €300,-…


Lets deconstruct these seven points:

#1 The EU usurps the peace that ensued in Europe after the most destructive conflict in human history as one of her achievements. The problem, however, is that the EU has bloody borders. Look at Yugoslavia and Ukraine for examples.

#2 The EU is economic prosperity for some but not for all. Greece and Italy don’t feel very good in the Eurozone, countries of Eastern Europe do not converge economically with countries of Western Europe etc.

#3 As if countries need the EU to have human rights?

#4 Freedom from border controls applies only to the Schengen zone countries of continental Europe. I am not so much bothered by controls on the borders. It is something individual countries should decide between themselves and borders are in fact a necessary thing in the age of the migrant crisis.

#5 This only applies if you live in the Eurozone, and holiday in the Eurozone. I wonder if this is the best they could find about the Euro? How about telling the people that the Euro will cause the prices to rise, and the switch from domestic currencies will take away from people’s savings? I heard that once the shift to Euro was announced, the Slovak Koruna dropped in value, and people got less money after the conversion.

#6 Sure, we need Brussels to take care of us. We are an underdeveloped country, with no military and professionals.

#7  How is the free movement of labour a good thing? It only cheapens the workforce in some countries and creates staff shortages in the rest.

Fuck the EU this May…

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