Amnesty International says Ukraine has a Nazi Problem

The human rights organisation Amnesty International has produced a report, where they criticise human rights violations in Ukraine.

I quote:

2018 was marked by a sharp surge of violent attacks against a range of individuals and groups, often in the name of patriotism and “traditional values”. Those subjected to violence come from different walks of life, and include journalists, human rights defenders, especially those working on women’s rights and the rights of LGBTI people, members of ethnic minorities – particularly Roma – and those whose political views the attackers regard as “pro-Russian”. In almost all instances, the law-enforcement authorities have been slow to react and perpetrators were rarely, if ever, brought to justice. The Ukrainian authorities have not explicitly condemned the violence, while those who perpetrate it have continued to enjoy near-total impunity. Moreover, allegations have been made by various commentators in the media, including on social media, regarding financial and other support these groups may be receiving from certain members of the authorities. Altogether, this has contributed to a feeling among the human rights community in Ukraine that members of these groups are often deliberately allowed to be above the law. This also has a chilling effect on members of Ukraine’s civil society and has discouraged them from holding or taking part in public events, and has reinforced the intimidation sought by the far-right groups who attack the relevant events.

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