Poroshenko apes Putin

Poroshenko’s reelection campaign features slogans and set ups eerily similar to those made by Putin…

There are many candidates but only one president!


Real actions, and not empty promises!

3 thoughts on “Poroshenko apes Putin

  1. The worst thing for him is that he can’t do the “man above all the rest” tactics that Putin might do, i.e not take part in any television presidential debates.

    If he does take part in any debates , then he will naturally get crucified, owing to his policies and the state of the country. He does have experience of doing plenty of TV debates from before he was President, but that shouldn’t do much. As it is, the fake church created in Ukraine, far from “correcting centuries of historical injustice” has boosted him ratings by less then 3%. Putin got about 25% boost after Crimea


    1. People don’t really care about religion in the modern world but Poroshenko doesn’t have anything else up his sleave. He can’t take back Donbass, or create a stunt that would cause patriotic fervour.


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