Bandera was a Fascist, Sorry!

There is a serious problem with Ukraine’s fascist hero, Stepan Bandera. 

Bandera was a son of a Uniate Priest from Halychyna, who collaborated with the Nazis in their invasion of Ukraine. Let me expand on this statement, Halychyna was a part of Rus’ occupied and perverted by the Poles from the fourteenth century, and their identity developed in a peculiar way, towards the alienation of local identity from the rest of Rus’, and Bandera was a product of this culture, and he collaborated with the Nazis in the invasion of Soviet Ukraine, and my great grandfather fought against scum like this.

Bandera was given a new life by the Anglosaxons, who saved his followers from justice. His cult was transplanted to independent Ukraine like a virus. In order for Ukraine to become a normal country, it will need to be denazified. I don’t know who will do it, will it be East Ukrainians, will it be Russia, will it one of the oligarchs, and I don’t know when or how it will happen. But I am sure it will happen.

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