Retarded Sovok Boomers Against The Ukrainian Passports of Crimeans

The head of the Crimean parliament is a Sovok Boomer…

Vladimir Andreyevich Konstantinov is old as fuck my father’s age, and he is stuck up. Here is a translation of his words:

“You need to make a choice -we have made a choice in 2014, there isn’t any point to go there [to Ukraine] to seek these passports. Who needs them? Decide who you are in life, are you smart or handsome (why not both?). But running here and there -getting all the privileges of Russia, and have something over there just in case -we need to stop this craftiness.”

What is the deal here? The Crimeans have been getting Ukrainian biometric passports to take advantage of Ukraine’s visa-free regime with the EU. According to Ukrainian sources, it is thousands of Crimeans every year.

I do understand the certain security concerns of the Russian state but they need to understand that the privileges of Russia do not contain visa-free travel to the West, or even the possibility to obtain a visa because the territory is blockaded by the West. And I am of the opinion that if a state gives, you should take. And the Crimeans can fleece both the RF and Ukraine at the same time.

Sovok Boomers like Konstantinov would do better not to comment on this because they give the whole issue publicity. But they definitely should monitor this activity.

An interesting commentary from a lawyer from Crimea, Zhan Zapruta:

The Crimeans have a peculiar status, they have both Russian and Ukrainian citizenship. If the Crimeans do not want to drop their Ukrainian passport, they cannot be forced.

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