The Never Ending War may Postpone EU Membership

The simmering war will never end because it is not in the interest of the Kiev regime…

Recently, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted changes to the constitution, which enshrine Ukraine’s geopolitical orientation towards integration into the EU and NATO. This is an obvious pre-election ploy by Poroshenko to gather votes of the gullible. I have explained before why Ukraine becoming a member of the EU and NATO appears unrealistic. But while I used the fact that the EU currently is not in the best shape to include Ukraine, I have used the ongoing conflict in the East to argue that NATO membership is further away than one may think.

Interestingly enough, the war factor could also seriously postpone Ukraine’s EU aspirations, as a recent blog by Olesya Medvedeva reminded me. She says that Croatia was tasked with solving her disputes with Serbia before joining. War between the two countries ended back in the nineties, Ukraine has yet to end the war in the Donbass. But is there even willingness in Kiev to end the war?

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