The Russophobia of Taking Down the Suvorov Monument

The current regime in Kiev, and its supporters in the West, may like to claim that it is not anti-Russian but how then do we explain this?

The other day, a monument to the Russian general Alexander Suvorov was dismantled in Kiev. The statue was set up in 1974, in front of the Suvorov Military School, renamed in 1992 to Ivan Bohun Military High School.

Suvorov’s only crime was being Russian. I personally cannot name a single crime of this eighteenth century general against the Ukrainian nation, which did not even exist back then. There haven’t even been attempts to write in the Little Russian dialect when Suvorov was active, let alone the notion of Ukrainian nationhood. Matter a fact, he conquered for Russia many of the lands that Ukrainian nationalists claim as theirs.

Ukrainian nationalists haven’t conquered anything in their 100 years of existence. They have been given a country completely made by the Soviet Union. The initiator of this
démontage was Volodymyr Viatrovych of the Institute of National Memory. He wrote on Facebook: “Suvorov out. Decolonisation marches forth.” Suvorov conquered for Russia former Turkish territories, that were previously the pastures of nomadic tribes, and Russia settled these lands with Slavs.

Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 15.36.17.png
“Suvorov out. Decolonisation marches forth”

This is the only colonisation we can objectively talk about. Colonisation allowed by the might of the Russian state.

Any memory of there ever being a link with Russia is something the Ukrainian nationalists, who now control “Ukraine’s historical memory”, want to erase. They want to erase any link that connects Ukraine to Russia in fact. This includes not just the dismantling of monuments but also efforts to create an independent Ukrainian Church, and the marginalisation of the Russian language in the public sphere through mandates and quotas favouring Ukrainian. Everything must be replaced by images that are anti-Russian.

Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 15.35.11.png
“Historical rotation, the monument to Suvorov was dismantled and a memorial plaque to Dontsov was unveiled in Kiev.”

Dmitry Dontsov was one such activist, who wanted to see Ukraine’s complete estrangement from Russia. This was actually his programme in the nutshell, and it is being enacted by Viatrovych in the 21st century. What are the chances that this derussified, and anti-Russian Ukraine will ever return Crimea and the Donbass?


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