How Ukrnazis Read Maps

Stuck up nationalists show how they are geographically and historically challenged once again…

I need to lay low on these Ukrainian nationalist profiles, and keep myself from commenting and pointing out their stupidity. This stuff is gold…

Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 10.12.29.png
Ukraine on the map of the famous naval explorer Francis Drake, 1581-1583. Ukraine is marked by “RVSSIA” and Moscovia is called “Tartaria” by Francis Drake.

Actually, what is marked by the term “RVSSIA” are the territories of the Tsardom of Russia which roughly span the North-Eastern part of the European continent. What is called Tartaria are the lands of the Siberian Khanate in Western Siberia that were conquered by Yermak Timofeyevich in 1582.

I am interested whether this fan of SS Halychyna can explain why the map contains “RVSSIA” and not Ukraine? Why there isn’t any mention of Moscovia some 100 years before Peter the Great? Ukrainian nationalists actually believe Peter the Great renamed Moscovia to Russia and usurped the rightful name of Ukraine in this way. In reality, Ukrainian nationalists chose to call themselves “Ukrainians” in the nineteenth century. Indeed, certain Western maps do designate North-Eastern Europe as Moscovia in order to differentiate it from the Russian lands held by the king of Lithuania and Poland, who struggled for Rus’ with Moscow. But Francis Drake apparently cared little for this squabble among Slavs.

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