“Azov” Accused of Radicalising American Neo-Nazis

SPLC has a report on their website about criminal proceedings over violence at rallies against the group “Rise Above Movement”…

This segment of the report is of particular interest to this website:

RAM has been making entreaties overseas, including in Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe. The FBI said Rundo, Miselis and Daley met with European white supremacy extremist groups, “including a group known as White Rex.”

FBI Special Agent Scott Bierwirth, in the criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday, noted that Right Brand Clothing’s Instagram page contained a photo of RAM members meeting with Olena Semenyaka, a leading figure within the fascist, neo-Nazi scene in Eastern Europe. In Ukraine, Semenyaka is an important voice within the Militant Zone and National Corps organizations and the Pan-European Reconquista movement, all of which have ties to the notorious Azov Battalion.

Bierwirth said Azov Battalion, now a piece of the Ukrainian National Guard, is known for neo-Nazi symbolism and ideology and has participated in training and radicalizing U.S.-based white supremacist organizations.

There you have it folks… Is Ukraine a centre for international Hitlerophilia?

2 thoughts on ““Azov” Accused of Radicalising American Neo-Nazis

  1. The problem is that you have no idea what you are talking about. If you did you would not include either ‘fascism’ or ‘nazi’!
    National Socialism has nothing to do with ‘nazi’ which is a Yiddish word for ‘half-person’ which is applied to people like the Ashkenazy Jews, or half-Jews eg converts.
    And National Sicialism has absolutely nothing to do with fascism. All western government like the US, the UK and the EU are fascists (use a dictionary to understand this), where as National Socialists never oppress their own people.
    Then you have to ask why were 19 German generals of Jewish descent in WW2 Werhmacht and why did 120,000 Jews serve in the Werhmacht? This is all carefully documented in Getman army records but is studiously ignored by our ruling elites.
    Time for you to grow up and face the truth isn’t it! If you are man or woman enough, that is!


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