Autumn Conscription Campaign Is On the Verge of Collapse reports…

Conscription campaign in Kiev is on the verge of collapse, as of beginning of November less than 40% were conscripted, said the head military commissar of Kiev, Sergey Klyavlin, reports press agency of the Kiev City State Administration.

“As of 5 November, we drafted into Military Forces of Ukraine 39.5% of conscripts according to plan. The turnout of draftees, who should have turned up to draft stations is critically low. In spring we almost did not have any failures, and now we are on the verge of collapse.”

According to the military commissar, the turnout is currently 8%.

“Citizens of Kiev have continued not turning up to draft stations. We are searching for them with the help of the National police, and we bring them to draft stations, where we determine whether they are fit for military service.”

He said the reason for low turnout is common negative attitude towards service in Military forces, drop in the wave of patriotic sentiment, spread of negative information about service in the army by the media, and overall low trust in military registration and enlistment offices.

Earlier reported that 80% of draftees are dodging the army.

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