How Much am I a Victim of “Russian Disinformation”?

I have devised a simple test…

Evropské Hodnoty (“European Values”) is a Czech think tank that, among other things, fights against “Russian disinformation”, and makes sure that the populace has opinions favourable to the unbreakable Transatlantic partnership. But there are sinners out there, like yours truly, who do not accept the whole package of correct beliefs. Or rather stray away completely from the right creed.

In 2016, European Values did a survey together with STEM, a Czech polling agency, which mapped the attitudes of Czechs towards subjects concerning Russian foreign policy. There were questions concerning Syria, which I will not cover here. However, I will tell you my opinion about particularly those questions concerning Ukraine, and Czech NATO membership.

38% of respondents think the Ukrainian crisis was caused by USA and NATO.

I think the Ukrainian crisis was a result of internal unhappiness of the oligarchs with the Yanukovych regime. However, without the blessing of the US State Department, I am unsure they would go ahead with supporting the Maidan. The Maidan and the post-Maidan government has enjoyed unwavering support of United States. So yes, I agree with the above statement, at least where the US is concerned.

30.6% of respondents believe fascist forces have a key influence upon the Ukrainian government.

When you have a government, which names streets after Bandera and Shukhevych, which institutes “Slava Ukrayini! Heroyim slava!”, a slogan modelled on “Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!”, as an army slogan, isn’t that government influenced by fascism? Isn’t it engaged in rehabilitation of fascism? Also, as I noted in my recent post, Ukraine is a country where expressions of fascism are excused and tolerated.

19.6% of respondents think organised Russian forces do not operate in Ukraine.

I also do not believe in Russia’s military non-involvement in Ukraine. But greater involvement would mean Ukrainian forces would not be so bold as they are now.

48.3% of Czechs would choose a position between East and West, and 39.4% would choose neutrality over NATO.

I do not think the Czech Republic has any natural enemies, and our NATO membership is an embarrassment in front of partners and allies. The Czech Republic has a joke of an army, with 12 APCs and antiquated fighters. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims the Czech Republic is committed to paying 2% of GDP that it is due but at present, the country simply does not. It is clear that this article of the budget is viewed as not important.

Austria is neutral and is doing fine…

55.6% of the public does not agree NATO should build its infrastructure on the territory of the Czech Republic.

We don’t need to be targets of Russian military.

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