I Think People Have Gotten The Whole Relationship Game Wrong

Guys, I feel like I am at a peak of my earning potential, i’m 39. This year I received a 3 year contract for work in local castle as a guide and in the depository. I was just translating a text about historical floors yesterday, this is totally my forte, I speak three languages, and am a history buff. I was elected into the municipal council, and I will finally be opening my airBNB apartment. My bank accounts are literally filling up, because I have large savings in the UK, together with my property portfolio in London. I am truly a late bloomer.

All I do is win!

However, women are only after my money and looks, my expensive Italian cloths. I meet these party girls that only want the coitus, and the cash. And you can’t wife that up. I know of two girls interested in me, and one of them is cute in the face but obese as a pig, and the other one is this timid girl that is not very pretty. And so I decided to save up for a surrogate mother. My last fling that still actually chases me, did not want any children, and she recently got tattoos everywhere, her daddy died last year.

Tattoos are a sign of low character, and I can’t make this girl into arm piece. Something ells me to done my best outfit and raid the clubs more of these arm pieces. I love nothing more than walking on the street with a girl that turns head, and makes both the and women envy me, I can also try going to clubs down and pull some party chicks for a smash and dash, this will be fun. Last time I did this was at the age of 16. Maybe I’ll also get a Tinder just for the fun of.

Really guys, a wife material is a woman that can cook, who will clean your crib, is not a party girl, is smart, respectful, and loyal. Good luck finding something like that. I’d rather bang some long legged blond bimbo with big tits.


And here we come to the crucks of the problem. Monogamy, relationships, dating were made for a different time and are promoting the illusion of marriage and happily ever after. The World has changed, women eat hormones that prevent them getting pregnant. People no longer treat sex as something shameful, in fact the reverse.

Hook up culture is the natural state of the human species

The statistics (both from genetic research and from dating apps) show that women only pick a select few men, this leaves many blokes in the dust. Women would rather just fuck around, there are very few marriage oriented women, and marriage and cohabitation is risky. Women are very volatile. This has always been the case. I propose a getter system, where the women are simply ignored and they need to come into a man’s life with full package, is feminine, cooks, cleans, is family oriented.

But there are ways around it. Want an heir like me, contact s surrogate mother. The latter women have figured it out. Women of the past had like 16 or even more kids. So why not make money popping up kids? This will save me the trouble of dealing with women beyond smash and dash, and my wanting of heirs to my estate.

Modern confusions, and frustrations, need modern solutions.

The Debasement of the Institution of Marriage in the West

Marriage has all but collapsed in the States…

No Fault Divorce

Guess why? No fault divorce! These days, marriages can be ended over the simple desire of your honey boo to fuck some Chads and Tyrones. She gets a lawyer, takes the house, the dog, the kids, gets child support from you sucker + alimony allowance.

Gay Marriage?

Marriage in the West is further degraded by initiatives such as gay marriage. Gay marriage is more about traditional marriage than it is about homosexuals. My family (or rather what’s left of it) likes to spend holidays and fun time with this lesbian couple, they have been together for a long time, and have no use for this gay marriage thing. I believe that gay marriage is pushed to attack traditional religious institutions administering traditional marriage, the state will then pressure these groups to compromise their values.

You almost do not hear about gay marriages happening. I have heard about a private marriage party in one of the hotels in my town. A Dutch guy was “marrying” a Czech Gypsy guy. The cleaners were fishing joint roaches, and condoms out of the pool, and the tables were all white from cocaine. The boys had some proper orgy in the pool apparently. But I have to ask, why do you need the institution of marriage if you are going to continue your gay lifestyle anyway?

Marriage is an Institution

Marriage is an institution, it is not some kind of an upgrade from a long term relationship. It is an institution designed to preserve families and wealth. And that institution is being totally dilapidated by the kind of initiatives I mention above. In fact, I believe a righteous state would defend marriages as its own institution. You fuck with marriage, you fuck with the state should be the rule. And I believe that if you break up a marriage, you are due for a karmic comeuppance. Recently, a Chinese court ruled that infidelity isn’t valid grounds for divorce, which is pretty based, and shows that the governments are coming around, at least somewhere.

Arranged Marriages are not at All Bad

When people think of cases like this:

A Bangledeshi couple has been placed under investigation for trying to force their 14-year-old daughter into an arranged marriage last year, legal sources said Friday.
    The pair, aged 44 and 40, are under investigation on suspicion of causing undue psychological harm in the teenager, who rebelled against the strict Islamic code she was expected to adhere to, sources said.


An 18-year-old Pakistani-Italian woman, Saman Abbas, was murdered, allegedly by her uncle, after refusing an arranged marriage in Pakistan at Novellara near Reggio Emilia last year.

Source also read my astrological reading of a young woman’s rebellion…

But these are not the arranged marriages I have seen. My weed contact in London (he had access to other exciting mind altering substances, the best dealer I ever had) had the boogie South Asian girlfriend from a Muslim family that studied in the same university as me. She was a proper fuckgirl. Her parents arranged to have her married to a Kashmiri gentleman, who was way out of her league in looks, a handsome mountain man. His family owned an estate on the banks of a lake with a view of the Himalayas. I bumped into her in London, and she said she absolutely loves the place. I bet she is a mother to beautiful children now.

The second example I am going to tell you about is not exactly an arranged marriage, however parents (fathers) were very involved in hammering out the deal. A Somali coworker of mine was a beautiful young woman, very pleasing to behold. She took a liking in me, and suggested to marry me if I converted to Islam. She realised I already knew a lot about her religion. But my Mr. Johnson is incredibly racist, and absolutely doesn’t get excited by black women. He wants Slavic blonds and East Asians. It is like dating within your own races, and I believe we need more white children. Also, my personal views on Islam have caused a lot of bad blood between me and my Muslim acquaintances in London. Little do they know, I have very similar views on Christianity.

This Somali girl found a young man in Dubai on a Muslim dating site…