If Democracy in Ukraine was a Threat to Putin, He Would Have Taken it out Already

Just a little thought. Western analysts are often repeating that Putin is afraid of the democracy in Ukraine. However, we do not see an effort on the part of Russia to have a regime change in Ukraine. Yanukovych got removed in a coup in 2014 because Russia failed to give him the adequate help. The security forces were paralysed. In fact, maybe this is the cleaver part of the game. Ukraine’s democracy is something really comical and self destructive. It is actually not a democracy but an oligarchy, something Russia had progressed from. It makes democracy look bad in the eyes of anyone sensible, which cannot be said about the Western commentariat.

Antisemitic Christmas Offer

While in the West, Jon Stewart finds Jews in the goblins of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, in Ukraine you can get genuine antisemitic literature in online shops…

In his recent video, Anatoly Shariy mentions that the owner of the shop above, “Epicentr” is certain Galina Gerega, one of the richest people in Ukraine, who is very close to president, Zelensky.

You can get these three titles shipped for a price of 1499 HRN, with a discount of 500 HRN. The International Jew by Henry Ford, Mein Kampf of Adolf Hitler, and a book by Orey Volost called the Rat People. Orey Volost is a pseudonym of an anonymous author, the author likely hails from the Slavic neopagan, and neonazi scene judging by the ancient Slavic sounding pseudonym. The rat people are of course, the Jews.

What I find funny is that none of the titles featured are written in Ukrainian. Distribution of such material may be breaking several Ukrainian laws. As you can see, the people in Ukraine wipe their ass with the laws.

The West Will Make Ukraine Better Than Russia…

And then Putler will shoot himself in the head, and Russia will be free…

There is a country called Abkhazia, it is a largely unrecognised state that split from Georgia. The country has a beautiful coastline, the entire area of the ancient kingdom of Colchis is a great place, the neighbouring Svaneti region of Georgia is beautiful as Arcadia. But Abkhazia does not have a developed tourism, and the Soviet and Tsarist hotels of Sukhumi, the capital lie in ruins. Is it because the state is unrecognised? It is recognised by Russia, it could be the next North Cyprus, and a destination worthy of visit. So why doesn’t Russia help Abkhazia become that? Russian investors tried…

I fear Western investors in Ukraine will have a similar experience. From RFE/RL:

A Canadian company has dismantled one of its multimillion-dollar solar investments in Ukraine following a dispute with a powerful tycoon believed to be close to the presidential administration in a case that has underscored the former Soviet state’s troubled investment climate.

TIU Canada completed the removal of its 10.5 megawatt power plant in Nikopol, a city about 500 kilometers southeast of the capital, Kyiv, in mid-November after failing to be reconnected to the electricity grid, company spokesman Brian Mefford told RFE/RL on December 28. The plant contained more than 32,000 solar panels

TIU Canada commissioned the $12 million plant on the territory of the Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant in January 2018 amid much fanfare, with representatives from the local government, foreign embassies, and business community in attendance.

TIU’s solar plant symbolized foreign investors’ interest in the country’s burgeoning alternative-energy industry. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy even highlighted TIU’s investment in a pitch to Canadian investors during a visit to Toronto in July 2019.

However, on March 1, 2020, the Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant disconnected TIU Canada from the electricity grid on the pretext of needing to make repairs to the power substation on its territory, the solar company said.

Almost two years later, the solar power plant remained idle, costing TIU Canada millions of dollars in lost revenue.

The decision to dismantle the plant follows an unsuccessful, two-year legal, media, and lobbying campaign against Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant and its main owner, Ihor Kolomoyskiy.

TIU hired Washington-based Blue Star Strategies late last year to lobby on its behalf before the U.S. government on “sustainable energy investments in Ukraine.”

TIU has accused Kolomoyskiy of cutting the company off from the grid in an attempt to purchase it at a knockdown price. Such ruthless business practices were common in the 1990s and early 2000s in many former Soviet states but have since subsided.

Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant, meanwhile, accused TIU Canada of blackmail and preventing it from carrying out urgent repairs.

However, Yurkovich told Voice of America he didn’t see anyone doing repairs. Instead, Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant had sent offers to buy the solar power plant at rock-bottom prices, he said.

Ukrainian business ombudsman Marchin Svenchintskiy told Voice of America that even if Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant had to urgently carry out repairs, the work “couldn’t last that long.”

Ukrainian law requires power stations to give their permission to be disconnected, making Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant’s actions illegal, TIU has argued.

However, the company has failed to win over a court system that is widely considered highly corrupt and its Nikopol project has become the latest poster child for the dangers of doing business in Ukraine.

Two court cases have failed to deliver any results for TIU. Several judges recused themselves from hearing the case, something that Yurkovich has attributed to their fear of crossing Kolomoyskiy.

“There are not many judges willing to take on the oligarchs, particularly Kolomoyskiy, and adhere to the rule of law,” Mefford said.

CEO Yurkovich “saw no solution to that situation” and decided to dismantle the project, Mefford said. TIU is storing the recoverable assets — at least temporarily — in Ukraine, he said.

TIU Canada has two other solar plants in Ukraine. Mefford declined to comment on the company’s future plans.

Ukraine has struggled to attract significant foreign investment since achieving independence from the Soviet Union 30 years ago due to its weak rule of law.

You see for every success story about a Western association leading to development, for every Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, there is Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine. East European countries suffer from a corruption of local robber barons and need strong leadership to be successful. Zelensky promised deoligarchisation but so far he only goes after his political opponents and competitors of Kolomoysky. Thus, Zelensky first went after Medvedchuk, and more recently after Poroshenko. There were some vibes about a conflict with Akhmetov and Avakov, but I think that show has been postponed.

The Americans have supported Zelensky sanctions against Medvedchuk but I don’t hear them criticise Zelensky for pursuing Poroshenko. The Americans have been largely impotent against Kolomoysky. They made him a persona non grata but failed to enact any financial sanctions. I guess the persona non grata measure was done to placate the investors that are getting ass raped by Kolomoysky but I doubt Kolomoysky regrets he cannot travel to US. Zelensky is Kolomoysky’s puppet, and of course he didn’t do anything to protect the Canadian investors. It is less difficult to make prosperous the industrious and law abiding Germans, Koreans, and Japanese than the lawless and corrupt Ukrainians.

There will not be any peremoha.

Rumours of Maidan and War

So, you might have heard about Russian forces amassing on the Ukrainian border but events in Ukraine proper are even more tumultuous. Zelensky’s situation is very weak. He is hated by oligarchs and the plebs alike. The oligarchs, it is said, are preparing a new Maidan against Zelensky. It would seem they have received a green light from the West. Certainly forces in the West are interested in rocking Zelensky’s throne. The Guardian even dedicated an entire article to the Ukrainian leader in summer, in the connection with the Panama Papers, and this was carried over in Ukraine by a variety of Western funded talking heads.

Alongside all this, the Western governments are screeching about Russian forces amassing on Ukrainian border, preparing for an attack. I do not think Russia needs a war at present but equally, Russia will not stay idly by if Ukraine steps up her effort in the Donbas. Now, would Ukraine do the latter? Again, I am skeptical. The commander in chief, Zelensky, is so ubiquitously hate now that I do not think he commands any authority to muster a force that could take on Donbas. Nevertheless, he may try to save his rating by going full retard.

Mad times we live in, I bet the next year will be explosive, to say the least…

Chechens From the Battalion of Sheikh Mansur Were Put on a List of Criminal Authorities

A small prehistory. Simulating the work of a government, the President of Ukraine, Zelensky decided to compile a list of crime bosses that the National Security Council will enact sanctions against…

Volunteer Chechens looting a store…

Fist scandals surrounding the list are beginning to come to the surface. Chechens from the battalion of Sheikh Mansur that fought in the Donbas appeared there. This army unit was wild for a long time and did not answer to civil command. Outside the warzone, they have had a number of criminal episodes.

Boryslav Bereza

I am sorry but this fucked up and zrada in one cup. And I must say this government has stepped over all red lines.

Together with human rights defenders we have dissected the list of names, allegedly being the heads of criminal organisations, and that have received sanctions from the security council and Zelensky. Well, these bastards have brought into the list Chechens that have fought on the side of Ukraine against Russian aggression. They have put them on the list to extradite them to Russia. They are already wanted by the FSB. Do you know who they are, the commander Muslim Ceberloevsky, #632 in the security council list, and the chief of staff of the Sheikh Mansur Battalion, Muslim Idrisov, whi is #646 in Zelensky’s list of people to be sanctioned. Salman Saynaroev is #650. There are other volunteer fighter, whom are wanted by the Kremlin.

Dmytro Yarosh

Dear ladies and gentlemen

Ukrainian journalists

I would like you please to share this text

I have received information that the “sanctions of the security council” have been directed against out brothers in arms from the volunteer battalion of Sheikh Mansur, our Chechnyan brothers.

I would like you to give as much hype as you can to this astounding fact!

I am suspecting, Kremlin agents that have infiltrated into the Ukrainian security forces and the government are engaged in an operation to destabilise the situation in the country with the aim to expand the area of aggression and full on invasion of Ukraine.

That why the agents of the Kremlin have inserted into the list of thiefs, bandits, anti-Ukrainian elements, people who have fought side by side with us, and walked the road of War with us in 2014, they have defended our freedom and independence.

I am warning the government: We will not allow our brothers to be extradited to the enemy…

If we are to use force to defend them, we are ready…

I am hoping on the patriotic, and pro-state opinion of the secretary of the security council and the officers of SBU and the Ministry of Interior!

Death to the Russian Federation!

Glory to Free Ichkeriya!

Glory to Ukraine!

The Creed of the Ukroeuropeans

This tweet contains the entire mythology of the current Ukrainian regime…

Volodymyr Zelensky- the president of Ukraine

Ukraine is Europe and we are Europeans. We are the centre and heart of Europe. Geographically, mentally, through values and [our] aspirations. We have shown this at the Maidan and show this every day, by changing our country, building independence and our future, we are defending the Eastern flank of Europe. Ukraine will certainly be part of the EU.


Myth 1. Ukrainians are Europeans and have the same values. Neonazis do not have a free reign in Europe as they do in Ukraine.

Myth 2. Ukraine is defending Europe from the Russian horde. They actually believe this and repeat this every time they get a platform in Brussels or elsewhere. Ukraine is literally defending Europe by shelling villages in the Donbas. Who believes this?

Myth 3. Ukraine will become a member of the EU. Read this blog and you will know that it will not any time soon.

How the Ukrainians Liberated Madrid

Idiocracy has finally arrived in Ukraine…

I know I am a bit bit belated with this post but I would like my readers to take note of the speech Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, delivered at the occasion of the Victory Day…

I translate the last sentence:

“We will never allow anyone to diminish the contribution to victory of Ukrainians, who not only defended their own country but also as part of the Soviet army and the armies of the anti-Hitlerian coalition, together with other nationalities did not allow the Nazis to rule over Vienna, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Madrid, Budapest, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Berlin and many other cities around the planet.”

Maybe Zelensky is from another planet or parallel dimension but the basic WWII fact is that Spain stayed neutral during the war…