4 thoughts on “Wunderwaffles

  1. All those weapons are meant for two things: for Ukraine to survive a little bit longer (but not the peremoha against Russia bullshit the Ukrainian nationalists love to talk about); and most of all, for the weapon manufacturers to make cash.

    Wonder when the “freedom loving” dumb fucks can realize that today’s Western world is vastly different from the ones back in WW2? Shit, even back in WW2 shit was questionable too. Hitler was supported politically and financially by the likes of Henry Ford before he went nuts and declared war on UK and France. The biggest difference would be that the West back then were more responsible and actually willing to clean up the mess they made instead of bullshit themselves out of it. But now? Given all the available info and there are still idiots who’re willing to trust the contemporary Western world? People are just stupid!

    I really hope there will be more people around the world look at things the way I do: focus on what policies lead to and how it corresponds to our daily problems instead of following all the sectarian talks that today’s politicians rely on way too much.

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    1. I personally think the contemporaries are stupider than the people say two generations ago. Look at the incompetence of people in power, look at the absolutely inane policies they promote. These are idiots with university degrees.

      Obviously, the West is not what it used to be but it takes time to drum this into people’s heads. Most people do not know foreign languages or consume wide variety of sources and perspectives, they do not even travel much.

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      1. Or even worse; sometimes they travel and even immigrate, but still won’t learn a damn thing. I think it’s because a lotta folks think they know everything. They can appear to be open-minded and all that but still have an opinion they probably inherited from their families. All those traveling and broken foreign languages they’ve learned are meant for ego boosting rather than actual interest to see what’s going on in the world.

        Then you have the crowds who only stick to their own kinds when they’re oversea. They may explore the native ones when it comes to sex (mostly it’s the female expats/immigrants seeking local males), perhaps for some sense of fucking romance, but that’s about it.

        Neither of which can help someone open up their minds for one bit.

        As I brought up families, I think part of the reason why I’m less affected, is because I’ve lived an almost non-family lifestyle for a while by now. I don’t have that “carry on my family’s name and honor” bullshit, nor do I have that “be a good son for my parents” baggage. My approach to life has its own sets of issues too, now that I think about it, but I can proudly say I’m not nearly as affected by the current political and societal shit show as those who’re family oriented and have stable social circles (as opposed to me, where I have a more…”nomadic” style of approaching such matters irl. You just never know when I gonna get into beefs with who). I simply just talk about things as I see fit, rather than what my families or my “peep” see fit. At the end, I become the red pill dispenser while the others become the sheep who got their asses whipped by the shepherd but still trust the one who lash the whip.

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      2. I think these people lack the natural curiosity and are too locked inside their little bubbles to make sense of anything outside their space. Many people consume only certain media and that shapes their perception.

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