Prigozhin vs. Strelkov

The hero of Slavyansk and former minister of defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Igor Girkin aka. Strelkov has fucked up…

I had to upload the video to this site because Prigozhin and Strelkov are literally unsafe for YouTube.

So, in the above segment Prigozhin says: “ [Strelkov] has zero chance to join the mercenary company, Wagner (led by Prigozhin). Let me break it down, I have offered Strelkov-Girkin to join Wagner, he refused. He has shown himself to be a damned coward, we don’t accept cowards. Second, we do not take inmates from prisons now. Third, we do not take the scorned. These are the three reasons why we will not accept Girkin-Strelkov. Now my personal opinion, he is a damned ugly fucker, blatherer, and a useless creature.”

In other news, Strelkov is under investigation by the Russian ministry of interior for his comments critical of the Russian military. Ever since being ousted from Donetsk in 2014, Strelkov was critical of the Russian handling of Ukraine.

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