Medvedev: The World Does Not Need Ukraine, and That’s why it Will Disappear

The former Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev went full nuclear on the testosterone starved NAFO wankers on Twitter, and dropped the bitter truth about Ukraine. Yes, this current Ukraine and the historical project Ukraine. All of this is fake and all of this is gay, and it will not survive. NAFO trolls are calling for cancelling Dmitry Medvedev on grounds of genocidal rhetoric. This is not an ethnic conflict, this is an ideological conflict between Russians and shysters that employ Ukrainian nationalism against Russia…

Actually, the money Europeans, governments and also citizens on their own initiative send to Ukraine is likely being stolen, and reinvested in the West. Ukraine the country will only be saddled with debts. But if Putin liberates Ukraine from Western yoke, these debts will be revoked.

Project Ukraine was never to the benefit of the common man. Be that American or Ukrainian. It has always been weaponized by shysters that wanna use Ukraine as a launchpad to control Russia and Central Asia, and who controls the Heartland, controls the World. The ordinary American has very different issues than Ukraine.

Medvedev gives too much agency to Favela dwellers. Bottom line is, people in South America and Africa realize that Russia is in the same predicament as they are. The West has manipulated politics, organized coups, invaded, fomented insurgencies and separatism in these countries with the aim to divide and control. The smart ones see Ukraine as nothing more than a puppet, whose sole reason for existence is to hold Russia by the balls.

The problem is that Russia is in the same boat with the Asian countries, resisting the dominance of the Western globalists. The Asian countries may try to play both sides but sooner or later will be a victim of the hegemonic pressure of the West. Few Ukrainian leaders also attempted to play Russia and the West, and they had two Maidans to deal with.

There is no Ukraine that can be historically attested. Literally, everything from the Carpathians is historical Russia. What happened in the twentieth century was first and foremost a crime against the Russian people.

In our present timeline, project Ukraine has been hijacked by a thieving class of Ukrainian oligarchs, who have made the country unsuitable for decent life. This forces the ordinary Ukrainian to seek fortune abroad, often very from Ukraine. You see Ukrainians on ships, or driving trucks around Europe, or logging wood in Kamchatka. For some reason, the largest country in Europe, with fertile soil, and a wealth of resources is not able to provide the majority with decent life. And nobody ever asks whether the population of Ukraine ever needed ukrainization, derussification, Church schism, radical nationalism, and other…

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