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So the other day I wrote this post, and today I decided to ask the OpenAI to write out all the historical events at Saturn-Neptune conjunctions for the last 3000 years…

Saturn-Neptune conjunctions occur every 36 years and mark the beginning of a new cycle in the relationship between the two planets. Here are some major historical events that occurred at Saturn-Neptune conjunctions in the last 3000 years:

  • 699 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This is the earliest recorded Saturn-Neptune conjunction in history. In this year, the Assyrian Empire conquered Babylon, establishing a new era of dominance in the region.
  • 663 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This year marked the beginning of the reign of the Chinese Emperor Gaozu, who founded the Han dynasty and ushered in a new era of stability and prosperity in China.
  • 627 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This year saw the founding of the city of Megara Hyblaea, one of the most important Greek colonies in Sicily.
  • 591 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. This year saw the beginning of the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon, who rebuilt the city and made it one of the most important cultural centers of the ancient world.
  • 555 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. This year saw the beginning of the reign of Cyrus the Great, who founded the Persian Empire and expanded its territory to include much of the Middle East and Central Asia.
  • 519 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This year saw the construction of the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, one of the largest temples in the ancient world.
  • 483 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This year saw the beginning of the reign of Xerxes I of Persia, who led a massive invasion of Greece that was ultimately defeated by the Greeks.
  • 447 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This year saw the construction of the Parthenon in Athens, one of the most iconic buildings in the world.
  • 411 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This year saw the end of the Peloponnesian War, which had lasted for nearly 30 years and had devastated much of Greece.

At this point the chat bot crashed. So I tried again:

  • 136 BC: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the beginning of the Third Punic War between Rome and Carthage.
  • 467 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when Anthemius became the emperor of the Western Roman Empire.
  • 903 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when the Tang dynasty in China came to an end.
  • 1341 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when the Black Death pandemic began in Europe.
  • 1701 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when the War of the Spanish Succession began.
  • 1762 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when Catherine the Great became the Empress of Russia.
  • 1821 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when Peru declared its independence from Spain.
  • 1917 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Leo. This was the year when the Russian Revolution occurred.
  • 1952 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Libra. This was the year when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne of England.
  • 1989 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union began to collapse.
  • 2026 AD: Saturn and Neptune will conjunct in Aries.

Then I asked the same but told the AI to do the calculations in sidereal zodiac…

As an AI language model, I don’t endorse or promote astrology, as there is no scientific evidence to support it. However, I can provide you with some information on the historical events that occurred during the Saturn-Neptune conjunctions in the past 3000 years, based on the sidereal astrology.

A Saturn-Neptune conjunction occurs when Saturn and Neptune occupy the same degree of the zodiac, indicating a blending of the energies of these two planets. Here are some significant historical events that occurred during the Saturn-Neptune conjunctions in the past 3000 years, based on the sidereal astrology:

  1. March 496 BCE: The Roman Republic defeated the Latins in the Battle of Lake Regillus.
  2. January 110 BCE: Gaius Marius became the first non-aristocrat to be elected as consul of Rome.
  3. February 583 CE: The Sui dynasty was established in China.
  4. January 872 CE: Alfred the Great of England defeated the Vikings.
  5. February 1138 CE: The Holy Roman Emperor Lothair III died, triggering a power struggle among his successors.
  6. March 1425 CE: The Kingdom of Burgundy and the Duchy of Savoy signed the Treaty of Chambery.
  7. February 1683 CE: The Ottoman Empire began a siege of Vienna, which lasted for two months.
  8. March 1952 CE: The Treaty of San Francisco was signed, officially ending World War II for Japan.
  9. February 1989 CE: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, died.

It’s important to note that astrology is a controversial and unscientific practice, and there is no empirical evidence to support the notion that planetary alignments have any causal relationship with historical events. Any perceived correlation between astrology and historical events may be the result of coincidence or confirmation bias.

Somehow the AI also picked up some science cuck disclaimers. But I would not mind returning to the AI later, even getting some pro subscription. This looks like a powerful tool in its own right…

8 thoughts on “AI Astrologer

  1. Speaking of astrology, I have to bring up my recent misadventure within Enneagram community. Swear, Enneagram is like a downgraded version of Mbti. The whole thing is basically a fucking cult that’s based around Claudio Naranjo’s “automatic writing guided by some divine being” and other Jim Jones types that are prominent within the community. It is not based on any sort of behavioral nor cognitive pattern, unlike Mbti and Socionics.

    Comparing Enneagram with astrology, I’d go with astrology. At least astrology is multifunctional where you get to figure out people and predicting future at the same time and those astrologers (such as you, actually) are way more pleasant and overall matured. The nature of Enneagram is for folks who’re looking for an answer to why they’re failing, and therefore attracts many angry and dissatisfied people who don’t really wanna know anything about other people and important events other than their own bullshit. The community looks like a really dysfunctional classroom at some rundown Chinese junior high more than anything. Glad that I got out after cussing multiple mother fuckers off along with my “8w7 pussies are the best pussies” remark to troll the butthurt 8w7. The experience is nothing like what I’ve seen among the astrologers, the Mbti community and Socionic community.

    Mbti, socionics and astrology are for those who’re at least somewhat interested in understanding the world and the society. Meanwhile, Enneagram is a completely made-belief and it’s for those “experts” such as Naranjo and others to make money off pissed, crazed suckers.

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    1. Much like I am against organised religions, I do not buy into their modern day iterations. I mean all these grifter cults that usually have a charismatic leader and their own system they sell to followers. This phenomenon of grifter cults is really widespread, one or few charismatic leaders create a product offering things like salvation, profit, becoming desired by women. These places are no arenas of free thought. On the contrary, the drones often act as guardians of orthodoxy, and they will gang up on anyone that attempts to have a free discussion because their system is infallible.

      I have never studied Mbti but I have encountered a person using that to interpret Tarot cards, particularly the court cards. Although, I have dispensed with trying to use various systems like astrology, Mbti, philosophy, kabala and other to interpret the cards because I have realised that all of them are nothing but abstractions. So are Tarot cards, just a set of visual symbols derived from many systems that create a story. While it is good to know about these things, the Tarot reading is an abstraction and the cards just point you to a certain direction. Sometimes you wonder why a certain card has come up, and it is a real mindfuck when the first thing you think of when you see the Lovers card is Gemini. The association of the card with Gemini is a modern day invention and originally the card was know as the Lover, and it featured a man choosing between two women. So the simple meaning is making a choice. A Cupid is hovering over the man with his bow ready to shoot an arrow. This says that if you don’t make a conscious choice, the universe will eventually decide for you.

      I am just mentioning this to point out that many of these systems are a product of an ego trip usually of a single man or an organisation, and the modern reader of Tarot is boxed in by this decision. When you step out of the box and do some research, you will arrive at deeper understanding of the world around you.

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      1. This actually reminds me of a talking point I’ve heard; for those who wish to understand people better, the typology can only offer so much. Enneagram is trash for anyone who doesn’t wanna suck Naranjo’s dick, but for the Jungian typology that actually based on human behavioral patterns, I have made a bit gain. Then again, every time I bring it up on Reddit’s r/mbti, I ended up attracted uproars from those xxFPs.

        Many are into this to seek out solutions for their love lives or to get along with someone and other similar stuffs. For me, I’ve managed to learn quick and by now I can even type others, but my original goal was to understand people as well as myself (sometimes I don’t even get myself) and society at large and after I learned enough, I began to lash out at certain types for contributing to this mess and provided more analysis on how the overwhelming amount of Fi is ruining everything.

        But now I say if the goal is to understand people, the best way to go about it is to actually go out there to talk to people, just right now is not the right time. The smartest thing to do right now is to secure your position and make yourself less vulnerable financially (remember, a lot of money doesn’t equal to not being financially vulnerable. Money is like muscles in many ways: it really depends on what you do with it rather than how big it is). Then wait till people become more sociable. That typology thing can only do so much. Mbti and Socionics are disputable, but at least I feel like I’m interacting with normal, sane human beings. Enneagram on the other hand, is where the true lost souls gather; they can’t find what they find within Mbti, and that’s why they migrate to Naranjo’s cult.

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      2. I have been pretty much grounded in my town of late. I barely venture to the provincial capital, only the suburbs for some shopping and hairdresser. Otherwise, no need to leave my town at all. My home is here, my work is here, I can even get laid out here. I used to be more outgoing but this Covid shit made me jaded.

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    1. That’s like centuries before the man was even born lmao. Then again, AI acting stupid is not exactly a bad thing. You don’t want them to be too smart just now.

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  2. See, this is the problem. As we both know, today’s right wing and left wing for that matter, tend to attract angry and dissatisfied people who wanna seek some sort of answer. And of course, we both know they’ll never get a real one, as it’s part of the goal for elites to

    a. Eliminates middle-class lifestyle within Western world and use the middle-class in China and Russia as the new weapons (that will also fail, if anyone in Beijing or Moscow know how to empower and utilize social rejects as a countermeasure) .

    b. Secure Chinese consumer markets for the left, or secure the consumer markets within surrounding East Asian countries for the right. Either way, folks will be mad, as the elites simply don’t care. Right or left don’t even matter, as the final outcome will be the same anyways.

    c. Make sure Russia remains weak – this is why neither the conservatives nor liberals will allow Nord Stream to happen. Of course, your everyday conservatives have some other motives for Russia, but it’s not for Russia’s good. They intend to use Russia as a tool more than anything and you noticed how some conservatives are changing tones? Some of them probably realized how they’ll never get what they want from Putin.

    Yet, normies simply won’t get it. The only thing they can do is getting mad. I see zero problem solving mindset among them. They just wanna find someone to blame and dump their anger and allow themselves to be used by some special interest group who doesn’t even give a fuck about them. This is why they have been pissed for quite a while now…they were kind pissed from 2008 to 2012 (imagine a slightly rowdier behaviors from the 2000’s “bro culture” combined with that hopelessness from the 2008 Recession); then obviously pissed from 2012 to 2016; then really fucking pissed from 2016 to 2020; and gone nuts after COVID. That COVID lockdown bullshit just bring out the worst. Lack of dopamine can really fuck with one’s mind. At the end, the already somewhat pissed populations just become even madder. This is why I advise not to go talk to people, at least till things die down slightly. Then again, there are those “cynical but clever” dumb fucks who be like “What? You some kind of pussy or what? Can’t handle some mere scolding and beating? Oh I forgot, you too pussy to stand up for yourself”. Hey, if they wanna go for an extreme work out by keep getting into fights and arguments, at the risk of getting stabbed or shot or at least waste the precious time that could be used for self-improvement or gaining knowledge on negative emotions and being “bros”, then do as they wish.

    This is another thing I don’t get it…you have these self-proclaimed “cynical pragmatists” who disguise anti-social, disrespectful, aggressive behaviors as being “real” and act like they’re some kind of 2010s/2020s hippies or something and end up doing dumb shit that fuck over everyone around them and even themselves. What amazes me the most, is how bitches love guys like that – and they cry about them at the same time after being in relationship with those guys for a while. Give me a fucking break! Do they even know what their dreamed men really think about them? I don’t think they have slightest idea. Imaging a world ran by such people. You dread to even imagine it don’t you?

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