4 thoughts on “Bakhmut Will Fall

  1. Best case scenario; Ukraine lost way too many manpower that they’ll have problems holding lines after the fall of Artyomovsk. Oh and since that region is known for mining, it got a lot of tunnels. Who knows what those tunnels will lead to. Give it some time and cocaine gnome will go down. However, if Zaluzhny takes over, it can be a bit troublesome, as Zaluzhny seems to be someone who actually knows what he’s doing.

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    1. Bottom line is both Zaluzhny and Zelensky are doing Western bidding and do not act in the interests of Ukraine. And it is not certain Zaluzhny would be allowed to take over if Zelensky is toppled.

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      1. For Zelensky vs Zaluzhny, I think the opinions within the Western leadership is divided; some still have faith in Zelensky and hope he can come up with a miracle of some sort, and some want Zaluzhny to take over. Either way, the outcome wouldn’t be too different if the goal is to remove the influence from US and EU as you’ve rightfully said.

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      2. I have heard that Zelensky is in the pocket of the British and Zaluzhny is serving the Americans. And there is a rivalry between the two. But this is a conspiracy theory that I cannot verify because I am not an insider. Russia bides its time with Bakhmut and other settlements along the front. Artillery barrages are less costly than full on assault. So we have yet to see how things develop.

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