The Expendables

For a while, several commentators have been mentioning that should the Ukrainians fail in their job of giving Russia a bloody nose, the Western powers will throw into the cauldron their other East European pets like the Poles, or Romanians, or gods forbid, the Czechs. There already are a number of mercenaries in Ukraine. I read somewhere that 1200 Polish mercenaries have died but I could not independently verify this story. Also, it is claimed that the Western supplied weapon’s systems are often manned by foreigners.

Needless to say, there are forces that will be very unhappy if Ukraine fails because it would be totally contrary to their discourse of weak Russia and the ability of the West to force a change of behaviour in Russia. I mean, they will somehow rationalise this for the normies, the latter will buy anything but will the people that matter be happy with this outcome?

And when it comes to great powers with nuclear potential, they will avoid conflict but there is the temptation to fight Russia through East European proxies after this worked very well with the Ukrainians…

2 thoughts on “The Expendables

  1. Ha ha! ‘ Western pets?!?’

    Yes, Polish people only hate Russia cos they’ve been tricked by their western puppet masters…

    Read a book (not about astrology) incel.


    1. If they so hate Russia, they are welcome to die fighting it. Have a nice day, I sure will have one reading about astrology. If you think nobody is being manipulated into hating Russia, it is you who does not read anything, and has his head in the sand.


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