3 thoughts on “Gerani are Still Flying

  1. They’ve miscalculated Russia’s manufacturing capacity. Russia got everything it has to support its own military. Metals, rare earth materials, food production, energy…Russia got all of them covered. The only thing that may have some effects, would be the restrictions for Russians on some more civilian oriented services such as banking, social media and things like Pornhubs (lol), but in all seriousness, it’ll only work if folks like that Roman Granin aka “Roman Greene” represents the majority of Russians, which apparently is not the case. The world is not Europe nor East Asia. If their shit can only have limited effect on Arab world and Iran, then there’s no way it’ll work on Russia. Thought they figured it out by now, but oh well.


      1. Only folks with zero knowledge of aerospace engineering will buy into such rubbish. The fact that many anti-Russia virgins actually but into that may indicates a sharp drop of average IQ among mankind.

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