Hopium Very Strong After Russia Abandoned Kherson

Ukraine put all it chips on the Kherson offensive and got the Russian defenders into a trap. The Russians have withdrawn to safer positions on the left bank of the Dniepr. People cheering this do not understand that this will end very badly for Ukraine…

These are YouTube screenshots from the Ukrainian TV channel Priyamy (Direct). I am not sure whom this belongs but YouTube aggressively offers me these videos.

Here we have some scrawny little mother fuckers trying to make fun of Russian officials, and media personalities…
The disgraced lawyer Mark Feigin says Putin is in hysteria…
According to Stanislav Belkovsky, there is a panic in the Kremlin, and Putin received peace ☮️ conditions. 🤣
G20 will apparently resolve the Russian question.
Taras Berezovets says the Ukrainian armed forces are ready to take Crimea. So far, the only places taken over by Ukrainian forces were those abandoned by the Russians.

I don’t understand what all these military virgins are celebrating. Russia abandoned Kherson for better positions beyond the river. Ukraine will suffer the more this continues.

2 thoughts on “Hopium Very Strong After Russia Abandoned Kherson

  1. From what I’ve heard, Kherson seems to have many necessities sabotaged…water, electricity and communication. Ukrainian army will have to spent quite an effort at restoring all that. It’s probably the reason why Russia was trying to evacuate civilians from the city; General Armageddon was probably trying to use Kherson to slow down Ukrainian advance in the south. Ukrainian army will have to figure out how to repairs everything before they can come up with a forwarding strategy. And Russia will have more manpower in the bitter battle in Bakhmut and Soledar. One thing I don’t understand though, is that why can’t Putin or General Armageddon just utilize the troops stationed in Belarus and capture Kiev when almost all available Ukrainian manpower are advancing in either East or South.


  2. And as far as YouTube goes, you found that aggressively offering annoying don’t you? Now you know how I felt on Fuckbook when they aggressively offering me all those anti-China pages and groups as well as videos of hate crime against Asian Americans back in 2021. It’s part of the reasons why I left and only limit Fuckbook to communicating with friends and promoting my VK posts (it has little effects, most don’t use VK anyways).

    Also, as far as all the taunting from Western and Ukrainian medias and bloggers, I think it does affect those Russians who’re a bit sensitive and emotional, at least based on some of the conversations I’ve read on Quora. I think it may be wise for Putin to come up with a way to boost morale.

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