The Righteous Cause: Why Russia is Fighting

Russia is celebrating the Day of National Unity, and on this occasion, the former president and prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev wrote this excellent text. Here is a translation:

Why our cause is righteous?

What are we fighting for? Russia is a huge and rich country. We do not need foreign territories, we have everything in abundance. But there is our land, which is holy to us, where our ancestors lived, and where our people live today. And which we will not give to anyone. We are defending our people. We are fighting for all our people, for our land, for our thousand years history.

Who is fighting against us? We are fighting against those that hate us, against those that ban the Russian language, our values and even our faith, against those that spread hatred against the history of our motherland. Against us stands today a part of a dying World. They are a bunch of crazy nazi-junkies, bamboozled and frightened (by the Nazis) Ukrainian nation, and a large pack of barking dogs from the Western dog house. Together with them is a squeaking mob of underpigs and low intelligence inhabitants of the crumbling Western Empire, that are drooling from degeneracy. They don’t have faith or ideals, other than self invented degenerate habits, and standards of hypocrisy they promote, which deny the morality of normal people. That’s why we have rebelled against them and through this we acquired a sacred might.

Where are our former friends? We have been rejected by some frightened partners and we don’t care. That means they were never friends to us. They were always accidental fellow passengers (1). The cowardly traitors have fled to far away lands, may their bones rot abroad. They are not among us and we became stronger and cleaner.

Why were we silent for so long? We were weak. Today we have shed the sticky dream and the toxic unconscious of the last decades, into which we were plunged by the death of the former motherland (the USSR). Our awakening was awaited by other countries that were raped by the rulers of darkness, which are beholden to their terrible colonial past and want to preserve their World domination. Many countries no longer believe their lies but are afraid of them. Soon they will finally awaken. And when the rotten world order crumbles, it will bury all of its haughty priests, its bloodthirsty agents, its snickering servants, and its useless traitors.

In what lies our strength of arms? There are multiple types of weapon. We can send all our enemies to fiery Gehenna but that is not our task. We are listening to the word of the Creator inside of us and we are obeying it. These words render us a holy cause. The goal is to stop the high lord of hell, whichever name he may use, Satan, Lucifer, or Iblis. His aims are death. Our goal is life.


There was more rambling, so I publish it. Bottom line is, I don’t think the Ukrainian resolve is this strong.

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