One thought on “Gerani

  1. Here’s the beautiful part: due to the low aptitude flight, small size and slow speed, Gerani is difficult for anti-aircraft missile to hit. Due to this, it’s particularly useful at taking down air defense system. You’ve probably seen those videos on Telegram of how Gerani take down Ukraine’s S-300 as well as whole bunch of other hardware. Iran have probably foreseen itself having to deal with Israel’s Iron Dome and came up with such masterpiece, and right now it’s crippling Ukraine’s air defense capacity like a knife through butter.

    Speaking of which, I like general Surovikin’s attitude on the ground situation. Here’s a direct quote from him: “I am not willing to sacrifice more #Russian soldiers in a guerilla war against the fanatical hordes armed with #NATO. We have enough power and technology to bring #Ukraine to a complete surrender”. The man understands what it takes to win.

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