2 thoughts on “10,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Dead

  1. As Russia retreats, Ukraine ends up losing even more. In a way, you gotta like Putin’s strategic thinking. However, cities like Kubiansk in Kharkov are lost and will have to be retaken. I do recall that Kadyrov had talked about trying to convince ministry of defense to change strategy. I hope that can happen. And most of all, as the captured and mostly captured oblasts such as Lugansk, Kherson…etc, are launching referendum on joining Russian Federation, any further attack on these oblasts will be considered as direct attack on Russia. It’ll give rights for Putin to retaliate with force. Who knows, maybe a blitz attack on Kiev and capturing the city and Zelensky may end the most problematic phase of this war. Make sure to be fast, clean and through about it though, because I believe NATO is waiting for Russia to unleash the big guns, so the specialists can study the type of military technology that Russia got. This may be another reason why Putin doesn’t want to unleash big guns just yet, on top of the concern on civilian casualties due to Ukraine’s human shield tactics.

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  2. Putin has apparently announced an increase in troop presence. So we will have to see what happens to Ukraine. I don’t think he wants to use the big guns in large measure. I don’t think it is necessary.

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