Nimble Chinese Businessmen are Making big Bucks on European Stupidity and Hubris

You can’t make this shit up…

The Chinese are reselling their surplus gas, a lot of it supplied by Russia, to Europe.

Imagine that, ships laden with LNG are sailing through the Indian Ocean from the other side of the World towards our beautiful continent… what is this World coming to?

4 thoughts on “Nimble Chinese Businessmen are Making big Bucks on European Stupidity and Hubris

  1. EU is making less and less sense. Shit makes the 2015 EU’s migrant crisis looks sensible. I mean China? Come on! On one hand, you have Germany, who wants to increase its military presence in South China Sea. And don’t get me start on Truss! And despite all the tough acts, they want the Chinese imported Russian gas…wtf? Then again, China may be taking way too much risk here. For the sake of PR, China needs to STOP thinking about just the profits. Develop a vision and follow it, instead of just be that hustler. I mean come on, this can be used by conservative politicians in the West as well as the likes of…let’s say, India and Turkey, as a way to divide Russia and China. If it’s up to me, I wouldn’t take this type of risk. Sure, Putin himself won’t fall for it, nor will his inner circle take these dividing attempts too serious. However, I’m afraid of the type of idiotic nationalists in Russia that we’ve discussed about last time. They may also use this as a way to start shit and maybe even gain a few more sympathizers, and that is the last thing Putin would want at this moment.

    Best way to go about it? How about having China do a bit reshaping in East Asia? Really, it’s time for some fucking house cleaning in East Asia. I’ve been hinting at it the whole time. Time for rejects to stand up. With all of East Asia ran by rejects, they may come up with a more China friendly policies, and Russia friendly for that matter. That way, Russia will have access to new markets such as Japan. Xi needs to think about things like that instead of just trying to make a few more bucks, at the expense of PR.

    This is just me. I like to play safe whenever possible, unless I feel the dignity of myself and my loved ones is threatened. Because you never know what the other fucker has under his sleeves. Until I know and most importantly, have a countertactics lined up, I say play it safe about this matter is the way to go.

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    1. Most of these Russian nationalist have either been silenced or driven out of the country with the start of the military campaign against Ukraine. I don’t think they will have enough support in the current setup.

      I don’t think this is Xi specifically who ordered the sale of LNG, these are private entities.

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      1. Hey, good point. Perhaps the problem here, is that the Chinese business people don’t know the basic concept of trading with the ones who actually like them and want them. I think Xi should do something about those guys, but then again, if he actually gets that real, then they’ll come up with that “banned in China” argument. This is a huge headache.

        You know what, let’s just say fuck it, if it really comes down to it, I see no problem for China to turn East Asia away from the usual pro-US, self-abusing, hyper competitive bullshit. Gazprom will have a wider customer base that way, and China gets to shake away a few more assholes from its back, and China gets to offer the Asian rejects a sense of justice, which will gain China a stable international supporter base. There will be new enemies as the result of course, but it would way easier to tackle. Win win for everyone, the way I see it.

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      2. A good businessman does not care about borders, race, ethnicity, or ideologies. They care about making money and business opportunities. Xi is wise not to interfere with business that brings money to China.

        Gazprom has customers anywhere there is a sane government that works in the interests of the people, for instance in Serbia. I think all the US satellites will simply turn away from Murica when Murica loses its grip.

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