2 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. They probably figured out who he is. They just don’t wanna piss off Russia that bad now, because they know they don’t stand a chance in the face of Putin, especially if they fear that China really is going to invade. Well, that’s how Taiwanese can be… childlike, gullible yet cunning and full of shit at the same time. Pretty much a piece of chicken shit with kawaii hair bang and booty shorts. You should know. We both seen them irl before.

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    1. I would not underestimate the stupidity of the interns writing that Twitter account, they might as well not know who Zelensky is. People have tendency to assume their cognitive ability and knowledge of the World is equal to others but my job as a tour guide taught me otherwise. I have met individuals that look stupid on genetic, fundamental level alone.

      On the other hand, the above is a brilliant answer.

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