6 thoughts on “Russia Could Have Gone Full American and Killed More Civilians

  1. This confirms my thought on the whole deal; Putin has been too kind so far. As far as I know, there were assholes protesting in Slavutych, yet Russian troops stationed there actually agreed to leave the city with only a few checkpoints remains. If Putin really wanna get that real, Russian troops will be fighting neo-Nazi insurgents in Lvov by now.

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    1. Russia focuses on the destruction of the Ukrainian forces in Donbas. The forays into Kiev, Kherson, Nikolaev, Kharkov are designed to pin down the Ukrainian forces over there so that they cannot be mobilized to help the group in the Donbas. In the meantime, Russia bombs the fuck out of military infrastructure in Western Ukraine.

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      1. You gotta give it to Putin. The man got the strategic mindset. Well, let’s just hope that after Donbass region become fully liberated, the rest phrases will go by quick and at the end, only a few Nazis in Galicia region who resort to a low-level insurgency as their last hope – it should be, as Ukraine will be running short on manpower from the fighting.


      2. The invasion of Ukraine scenario has been played out countless of times by the Russian military. Putin is, unfortunately, reacting to a situation here. This is not part of some grand strategic design. I am still worried that Russia will deliver half-assed results on denazification.


  2. I think the thing with Putin, is that deep down inside, he still views Ukrainians as brothers, and that’s why he refuses to be more aggressive than he is and he’s trying so hard at avoiding civilian casualties. I guess to Putin, it’s more of a “we’re all one big family” thing, and therefore he’ll try to be as light as possible. I hope it won’t happen, but at some point, he might get a reality check and finally come to an understanding that there are some rather bloodthirsty and power-hungry individuals across Eurasia. Unless Putin strikes them hard and know who are the enemies are, this won’t end well at all.

    PS by talking about knowing who are the enemies, I’ll say this; even though UkroNazis are bad, but let’s face it, Yanukovych is not that pro-Russia tbh. Besides Donbass, I think it’s wise for Russia to help the rejects among Ukrainians to start a fresh political movement that’s able to put up a fight against the mainstream Ukraine. The same thing I’ve said about China’s approaches towards Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even Japan and South Korea for that matter. Pointing out the other guy’s mistake on a political and even societal level and start a movement based on those.

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    1. I think Russia needs to remove the entire Ukrainian elite and replace it with people, who did not get the chance. Modern societies overproduce elites and there are many people with good hearts and big brains, who are not allowed to be in the media, in academia, or to run the state. You can always find a replacement for the fancy pants crowd. The latter often deserve nothing but a bullet.

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