They are Selling us Bayraktar

Those industrious Turks are aggressively promoting their drone Bayraktar to the Czechs, saying how effective it was in Ukraine.

Turkish war drones Bayraktar TB2 are one of the reasons why the Ukrainian army is still more or less defending itself from Russian invasion…

I have not seen much of an evidence of effectiveness of Bayraktar drones in the current conflict. Here is a destroyed specimen:

Russia has means of getting rid of this junk…

2 thoughts on “They are Selling us Bayraktar

  1. Uhm yeah, they’re as efficient as paper planes against Russian ECM and defences… They just jam their control channels then shoot them out straight. If anything it’s an anti-ad, Ukraine’s been demanding more and more drones as they keep getting splashed.

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    1. The average Czech is fed a steady dose of farmers towing a tank every day, and believes Ukrainians are actually winning, so a story about Bayraktar making an impact is actually believable to this segment of people. I hope the people in the military are getting a better picture and do not decide to procure Bayraktars. I can’t say the same about politicians.


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