Tarkov is Resisting

I thought I will call this war, the Molotov Cocktail war. Well, maybe there will be time for that but Molotov cock-tail isn’t exactly effective against the kind of war machine Russia possesses. Hence you don’t see many glorious heroes lobbing them. So, I might actually come this a Deception War because the amount of total fakes that are floating around, and are becoming memes.

That woman is making a face akin to my Taiwanese ex when I was performing some deep penetration.

BBC reports Borell said Tarkov is resisting. I think they wanted to write Kharkov, Tarkov is a fictional town from a video game.

Good collection of Ukrofakes here.

2 thoughts on “Tarkov is Resisting

    1. They should get a taste of the hate Western liberals, and among theatre people they are all homos, have against the Serbian people for their government not going with the flow.


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