Marina Ovsyannikova is a Tupaya Pizda

Tupaya Pizda – Dumb Pussy is a meme…

Marina Ovsyannikova sabotaged the airtime of Russia’s Channel 1 with a bullshit poster, and instantly became a hero of every liberal dork in the West. I would like to ask the “Russians against war” that she refers to. Did war being on 24 February to you? Because to me, the war began on 2 May 2014 in Odessa. I guess there is a sea of difference between people like me, and people like them. Russia literally needs a purge, a grand purge…

One thought on “Marina Ovsyannikova is a Tupaya Pizda

  1. Talking about purge, just take a look at VK’s Political Incorrect’s comment section lol. Shits neurotic AF. Anyways, I’ve met this lady from Krasnodar on VK and she said that the change in education into the more westernized one has made many younger Russians dumb. I think she may be up to something here.

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