It seems like the West has decided to cause maximum discomfort to Russia by excluding the Russians from all the joys in a frantic effort to help the fascists and criminals in Ukraine…

But this is a profound misunderstanding of the Russians. The Russians say that whoever chooses personal comfort over war, will get a war, and will have no personal comfort. And if you listened to Putin, he said that if a fight is inevitable, you have to punch first.

We are such a nation that we are at first a bit frightened, then we don’t give a fuck, and when we don’t give a fuck, everyone else is frightened. This is not about Ukraine, fuck off.

You will not stop what is happening through sanctions, you can’t punish the Russians.

5 thoughts on “Sanctions?

  1. This is my honest opinion; the type of sanction measures the West has placed on Russia will only make the already anti-war young Russians anti-West instead. They’ve greatly underestimated the intelligence of Russian people. Russian people are not that ass backward that they will blame Putin for the sanction, but the Western leaders failed to realize it.

    The more they sanction, the more young, liberal-minded Russians will become anti-West; the more radical the already anti-West Russian nationalists will be. Cause and effect.


    1. Most of the people affected were people who have some dealings with the West, who consumed Western goods. The big city liberals who were never much for Putin in the first place.

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      1. Just like the sanction on Iran, from the sounds of it. The one who really gets fucked over, are the ones who have some ties with the West and they weren’t much of fan of their governments nor the idea of being anti-West in the first place.


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