Chechnyan Scenario for Halychyna

As you may probably have heard, Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechens are already in Ukraine…

Here however, I will talk about a Chechnyan scenario for Halychyna. For those who don’t know Halychyna is also know by its more latinate name, Galicia, and it is a region in Western Ukraine. The region is known as a hotbed of Ukrainian nationalism, and it is the most culturally estranged region from Russia in Ukraine, some of its inhabitants have problems speaking Russian. But to me, the people of Halychyna are Russians, just a bit estranged. Halychyna became a part of Poland in the fourteenth century, and the elite there became thoroughly polonised. The little people were culturally abandoned.

If the stated goal of Moscow is to denazify Ukraine, it cannot be done without taking over Halychyna. Who will do it, a new Ukraine, or Russian forces remains to be seen. But what you are witnessing now I believe is not the end. I have long entertained the idea of doing with Halychyna what Russia did with Chechnya in the early 2000s. Here are the similarities of Halychyna and Chechnya.

Halychyna has a different religion, they are not Orthodox, they are Greek Catholic, and they maintain a spiritual link to the Roman Pontif, and the West. Much like Chechnya is Muslim, and is linked to the Muslim World.

Halychyna has a history of conflict with the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union that is periodically exploited by outside forces.

And that makes me believe that once the Left Bank is secured, Russia will not leave the Right Bank Ukraine alone, and will go all the way to Lvov, and will install sensible people (there are those in Halychyna) to the offices of power, and will clear the area of nazis.

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