Zeman Says There Isn’t Any Evidence for the Vrbětice Hoax

The Czech President, said in an interview to CNN Prima News, that there isn’t any evidence for Russian involvement in the explosions of ammunition in Vrbětice. I watched the interview few weeks ago but then kind of forgot about this story.

Tass reported about Zeman’s interview:

The Security and Information Service (the principal secret service in the Czech Republic) does not have any evidence or witnesses confirming Russian agents were at the munition storages at Vrbětice.

Personally, I think the Czech government was under pressure to rescind possible a nuclear deal with Rosatom and needed a convenient excuse. So they concocted a poorly contrived story about Petrov and Boshirov blowing up munition storages that belonged to a Bulgarian businessman, who was reselling that munition to Ukraine and the Syrian rebels. I am rather ashamed that my country facilitates the sale of munition to entities such as the Kiev regime, or the Syrian opposition.

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