4 thoughts on “Afghanistan Recommends Its Citizens in Ukraine to Leave the Country

  1. At the end, Ukraine general populations, including the dumb fucks I’ve dealt with on Quora, will be the sole loser in this game. Nobody even wants to do business in Ukraine anymore, and the whole media hype may drag away whatever potential investors and stock holders who may become interested in Ukrainian businesses. If things get too crazy (most likely due to internal causes rather than Russian invasion), Zelensky will simply pack up and move to US, UK, France…you name it. The oligarchs got muscles (in form of their neo-Nazi boys) and showmanship (allow them to keep manipulating politics) and will become the new leader. Putin will probably just yawn. And Ukrainian civilians will be starving, as there’s no money flowing. Doubt they’ll learn though.


    1. No Western investor, who reads NYT or WSJ, or their reprints in other Western media, will invest in Ukraine when he reads the news. Zelensky has apartments in London, there he will move. Zelensky is a puppet with no real opinion of his own, he is playing an act.

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